"Dear Dr Lance, just a few words of thanks to you and your magic machine, that have given me my life and MOBILITY BACK. As an Airline pilot I spent hours on long international flights for SAA and Singapore Airlines, slouched in a non ergonomically designed seat, which resulted in back spasms, stiff back and much pain which made walking nearly impossible. I couldn't accompany my wife to the supermarket to do monthly shopping as my back was to stiff and sore, if I went with her I spent my time leaning on the supermarket trolley, plus being grumpy, because of the stiffness and pain.
Well that is now history, no more back spasms or back ache and pain. I'm still stiff at times, but we are working on it, me, you and your machine. Thank you Lance, you have no idea the difference you have made to my life.

Kind regards
Senior Captain Jim Hippert SAA, Singapore Airlines, retired"